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Harness the power of your customer data with AI so you can understand, acquire, and engage with customers.


Maximizing Store Sales with a Customer Data Platform


AgilOne CDP Drives Strong Momentum for Enterprise B2C Brands


Machine Learning and AI in Customer Data Platforms

#1 in End-to-End Enterprise Features

Experience the only customer data platform built to support advanced enterprise needs.

Satisfy advanced business requirements with the the most flexible and full-featured customer data platform on the market.

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Single Customer View

Gain a comprehensive single view of the customer. AgilOne integrates, cleanses, and dedupes online and offline cookie and profile data to build a complete identity graph, foundational to activating data.

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Analytics and Machine Learning

Go beyond a single customer view and leverage more intelligent ways to talk to customers. Analytical calculations and predictive models enable better customer understanding, smarter customer segmentation and servicing, and greater return on marketing spend.

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Customer Data Activation and Orchestration

Leverage customer data intelligence at every point of customer and prospect communication, including outbound marketing, customer service, customer experience, and advertising channels.


#1 Customer Data Platform in Enterprise Adoption

“Acting on AgilOne data, we have built personalized post-purchase journeys that are relevant for each unique customer. This has led to an 18% increase of incremental revenue in the first two months, and growth of online orders by more than 150%.”

Steve Miller - Vice President, Marketing & Business Development

“Using AgilOne as our Customer Data Platform, we have been able to increase site visits up to 50%, increase attended to local events by 25% which has resulted in a 10-15% increase in baseline revenue from digital marketing campaigns.”

Miguel Almeida - EVP Digital

“With AgilOne, we can do email segmentation in minutes and personalize offers based on behavior. Sending fewer, more relevant emails has led to an average email open rate of 30% and helped grow full-price sales 28.5%.”

Charlie Cole - CMO

“Rather than focusing our acquisition efforts on capturing the most clients, with AgilOne we can identify and focus on capturing and nurturing clients with predicted high lifetime value.”

Anthony Milano - VP Ecommerce

“Using persona based marketing strategies with AgilOne data, we have been able to increase revenue per email by 9%, conversion rates by 125% and our revenue from our email channel as grown 20-30% year-over-year.”

Dan Pingree - CMO

Hardcover Book: Machine Learning and AI in Customer Data Platforms

AgilOne's founder and CEO, Omer Artun, wrote the book on how marketers can use machine learning and AI to orchestrate 1:1 experiences in a multi-channel world, at scale. The book, Predictive Marketing: Easy Ways Every Marketer Can Use Customer Analytics and Big Data, is a machine learning primer for marketers.

Recorded Webinar: How Moosejaw Ventured into Deep Personalization

In this webinar recording, Walmart's Moosejaw shares results from persona-based segmentation driven by advanced analytics.

Recorded webinar: amplify the power of Oracle Marketing Cloud with a customer data platform

In this webinar, we will dispel common myths about CDPs and marketing clouds, and demonstrate why customers, marketers, and brands all benefit when CDPs and marketing clouds successfully work together.

Discover how the world’s most successful brands create customer relationships that matter.

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