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AgilOne Customer Data Platform – Hub Edition

As enterprise brands move toward direct customer engagement, and as siloed channels of engagement continue to multiply, brands must built a relationship with customers that remains consistent and relevant across all the ways customers engage. AgilOne Hub is an enterprise customer data platform for B2C marketing teams in any vertical.



Gain a comprehensive single customer view of the customer.
By cleansing, deduping, stitching, and enriching data at the customer level, AgilOne Hub unifies customer data into a single source of truth.


Understand customer behavior through deep analytical insights.
AgilOne Hub takes your new master marketing record and enhances the data with calculations and predictive models.


Powers analytical applications and orchestrated engagement systems
Marketing personalization will be consistent across channels, which increases profitability and customer lifetime value.

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Cleanse, dedupe, stitch, online and offline customer data into a master marketing record.


Unify comprehensive historical data, including transactions, events, and engagement records.


Enrich customer profiles with data from first and third party sources, with attributes such as demographic, geographic, and National Change of Address.


Easily configure metadata and scripting directly into the platform to meet unique, brand-specific business and data needs.


Conduct analysis to gain customer insights. With AgilOne Hub, you gain easy, flexible access to granular data. You can export data into your own systems or conduct analysis within AgilOne Hub.


Get a jump-start on understanding your customers with pre-built metrics and models, plus machine learning algorithms that predict customer behavior.


Feed insights into execution systems across the customer ecosystem with robust APIs.

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