AgilOne is the world’s leading enterprise customer data platform for B2C omni-channel marketers.


Know your customers. Respond authentically.
Maximize lifetime value.



AgilOne Customer Data Platform – Retail Edition



Integrate online and offline data into a single customer profile
Unify, cleanse, dedupe, and enrich customer data from all channels and sources.

Data integration
Data quality


Analyze customers, gain insights, and use predictive analytics
Gain a complete unified view into your customers, and use machine learning to drive 1:1 marketing.

Predictive analytics
360-degree customer profiles


Orchestrate personalized engagement across channels
Boost customer lifetime value with consistent, personalized digital and in-person experiences.

Omni-channel marketing
Orchestrated personalization

agilone data integration

Data Integration

AgilOne has over 100 pre-built connectors and APIs that make it easy to integrate the data needed to create a complete, actionable, customer profile. This single view of your customer across digital and physical channels empowers you to better understand the best ways to engage authentically with your customers and optimize their lifetime value.

The AgilOne Advantage

AgilOne’s out-of-the-box integrations and standard data model let you easily integrate all your data for rapid time to value.

agilone data quality

Data Quality

With identical and fuzzy matching, AgilOne standardises, dedupes, and assigns attributes such as gender, geography, and change of address for all customers. This allows you to link all customer activities to a single customer profile even if there is only a partial name, address, or email match. This way, you are always leveraging fresh customer data which helps you to optimize your marketing offers and efforts. 

The AgilOne Advantage

AgilOne ensures all personalization is leveraging the most accurate and up-to-date data about each customer for all campaigns.

agilone predictive analytics

Predictive Analytics

AgilOne has the most advanced library of self-learning predictive algorithms in the market. With over 400 out-of-the box business reporting metrics, as well as unparalleled configurability; you can easily create and define any criteria you want for reporting and action within the application, without custom coding. These models help you easily easily understand customer buying behavior so you can better engage with them. 

The AgilOne Advantage

AgilOne’s advanced analytics and machine learning identifies revenue opportunities and increases customer profitability.

agilone 360-Degree Customer Profiles

360-Degree Customer Profiles

AgilOne builds a complete omni-channel profile for your customers, which combines data such as the individual customer journey, website and email engagement, past omni-channel transaction history, demographic data, product preference and recommendations, likelihood to buy, and predictive analytics, including likelihood to buy and clusters this customer belongs to. These profiles strategically inform where to invest, how to personalize, and how to make your customers happy.

The AgilOne Advantage

AgilOne paints a comprehensive picture of your customer and reveals customer marketing revenue opportunities.

agilone Omni-Channel Data Activation

Omni-Channel Data Activation

AgilOne releases data from technology and channel silos so it can move freely across systems in real-time. Within one centralized interface, marketers can also design and launch social, mobile, direct mail, call center, and store campaigns directly from AgilOne, while making audiences, recommendations, and any other data extract, available to any tool within your marketing ecosystem.  

The AgilOne Advantage

In our demo video, we show you how AgilOne unlocks customer data from silos and enables real-time freedom of movement across the marketing ecosystem.

agilone Orchestrated Personalization

Orchestrated Personalization

AgilOne coordinates personalized messaging, content, and campaigns across digital and physical channels, giving marketers a consistency of voice no matter when or where a customer engages. AgilOne also gives marketers the certainty that they are delivering the right message to each person, since AgilOne ensures all personalization is based on one, clean, standardized customer database of record. 

The AgilOne Advantage

see how our clients orchestrate hyper-personalized marketing campaigns that are consistent across channels and relevant for each customer.

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