Social Media Predictive Analytics

Using Social Media Behavior To Drive
AgilOne integrates easily with Facebook, allowing marketers to translate their insights to Facebook
ad placements almost effortlessly – including Facebook custom audiences and look-a-like audiences.

Increase in Facebook CTR

A sports & outdoor omni-channel retail company saw an 83% lift in the click-through-rates on their Facebook lookalike campaigns.

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Facebook Custom Audiences

Use AgilOne to find specific segments, such as those who have unsubscribed from your mailing list, and use Facebook custom audiences advertising to reach those customers. Marketers can also:

  • Personalize social ads by cluster or likelihood to buy
  • Suppress ads to certain groups – such as current customers
  • Reach out to prospects or fans that you want to re-engage
Facebook Look-a-like Audiences

Use AgilOne to recognize segments or “clusters” in your existing customer base, which tend to favor specific types of products, brands or with a specific shopping personality. With this information, design creative campaigns and use Facebook look-a-like audiences to acquire more of such customers.

Social Customer Attributes

If you have a third party social integration product, such as Gigya or Janrain, that captures customer social attributes or social activities, you have the option to include those attributes within AgilOne, enabling you to use them for customer segmentation and targeting.

Retailers using AgilOne personalized marketing who have already begun to implement this feature in their marketing have seen return on their Facebook advertising investment.

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