AgilOne Predictive Marketing Cloud Solutions


Marketers Boost Profitability with AgilOne

Key Marketing Use Cases



Acquire new high value customers and increase your return on acquisition spend.

Direct Mail Acquisition
Facebook Acquisition

Maximize lifetime revenue and profitability of each customer through relevant marketing campaigns.

Browse Abandonment
Repeat Purchase

Identify which customers are inactive or at risk and proactively reach out to them and rekindle the relationship.

Loyalty Appreciation
Customer Reactivation

Know your customers. Respond authentically. Maximize lifetime value.


Direct Mail Acquisition
Acquire new customers with highly targeted direct mail campaigns. Using store proximity, propensity modeling, and more, you can invest in direct mail for prospects that will acquire new customers and begin lifelong relationships.  

AgilOne improves the ROI of all direct mail campaigns.

Facebook Acquisition
Acquire new customers who are likely to become VIPs and less likely to churn through highly targeted Facebook, Instagram, and other social campaigns. Use lookalike modeling to target customers with a high predicted lifetime value. 

AgilOne increases the effectiveness of Facebook campaigns.

Browse Abandonment
Recover customers who abandon your website and cart by providing the right incentive for each customer, taking into account likelihood to buy, lifetime value, personas, the customer journey, and more. Coordinate abandonment campaigns across channels to ensure you suppress customers who already bought. 

With AgilOne’s cart recovery campaigns,
Traeger Grills added $270,000 to their annual revenue.

Repeat Purchase
Provide the right marketing so that customers to buy multiple times. Double sales with post-purchase offers and recommendations, and by sending replenishment reminders for consumables. Use likelihood to buy predictions to add the right level of discount or incentive without cutting into margin.  

AgilOne helped Moosejaw target more effectively to customers and increase margin.

Increase retention by showering your best customers with the kind of attention they want. Increase lifetime value by rewarding each customer with personalized loyalty rewards that provide incentive for customers to buy more items or more items more often than they usually would. 

AgilOne helped Mavi Jeans doubled the customer purchase frequency.

Reactivate customers with targeted content based on cluster personas, recommendations that are relevant to that customer, and right-sized incentives based on likelihood to buy and lifetime value. AgilOne also reduces email opt-outs 40% by adjusting email frequency based on segment. 

With AgilOne, increased ROI of email, paid search, and direct mail campaigns.