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All-in-one Predictive Marketing in the cloud.

How does AgilOne work?

Now marketers, large and small, can boost revenues, improve marketing returns and transform their businesses without the need for in-house data scientists or ongoing IT involvement. AgilOne has been described as the perfect marriage between Machine Learning and Human Intelligence. When you sign up for AgilOne, you will also be supported by the best data scientists and marketing experts in the business. We are here to help!

All customer data in one place

We collect customer data from all channels, online and offline, clean and deduplicate the data then link it to a single customer ID. Bring together both hard data (such as transactions) with soft data (such as email and website engagement) to form a complete picture of customer preferences and intent.

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Customer analytics 

We give marketers instant access to dashboards, alerts and pivot reports to see trends in customers, sales, marketing, and products. We also apply advanced predictive analytics to make one-on-one recommendations, segment your customers according to behavior and make a large number of predictions such as likelihood to buy, likelihood to unsubscribe and predicted lifetime value. For the first time, you can truly understand all customers, including first time buyers, repeat buyers, lapsed customers and your most valuable customers.

Learn more about the AgilOne Customer Analytics Platform.

Personalized Marketing Campaigns

We make customer insights and predictions available in real-time at all customer touch points, online and offline. Now it is not only possible, but even easy to deliver consistent personalized marketing campaigns across email, direct mail, web, phone and in-store channels. To accomplish this AgilOne works with your existing customer-facing applications. Our data model is 100% open and we offer a large number of out-of-the-box connectors to e-commerce platforms, e-mail service providers, call centers and in-store environments.

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