Analytics Reporting

Create Detailed and Shareable Analytics Reports
AgilOne offers customizable, sharable reports, including many built-in business and marketing performance reports to help you identify revenue generating opportunities.

Marketing and Business Performance

AgilOne offers a large library of pre-built dashboards and reports, including business performance and marketing performance reports and customer clusters. Unlike web analytics, or email service provider reports, these are truly multi-channel reports that include online and offline sales transactions and customer KPIs. You also have the ability to understand how your email sales break out between new and existing customers and the incremental performance of your marketing activities compared to hold-out groups. Use reports to see if your omni-channel strategies are working.

New Revenue Opportunities

Helpful graphs, charts and tables let you quickly see and understand customer interactions . With AgilOne’s Revenue Finder reports you’ll be able to discover new revenue opportunities within your customer base . See details to help plan specific acquisition, growth and retention campaigns.

Fully Customizable Reports

In addition to graphical reports AgilOne offers customizable pivot table reports that are based on over 400 metrics including profitability measures that take into account your product margin, customer returns and discounts. You can also explore what the lifetime value of your customers is by their acquisition source. You can access all reports through the AgilOne interface or via a built-in connection to Microsoft Excel.

The AgilOne Advantage
The more accurate and accessible the customer insights, the more relevant and profitable the customer relationships. AgilOne insights are powered by 400 pre-calculated multi-channel customer metrics that go far beyond web analytics or email service provider metrics. Insights are prescriptive and can help find new revenue opportunities – without having to request reports from IT or from external marketing service providers.

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