Call Center Analytics

Enhance Call Center Experiences with Omni-Channel Customer Profiles
AgilOne can improve customer experiences within call center environments. By supplying call center agents with accurate and complete customer profiles, these experiences can be greatly improved. A call center interaction is one of the most influential moments your brand has with a customer. It is important to make sure that every one of your call center reps has real-time data needed to get the most out of every call.

Know the customer on the other end of the phone

AgilOne creates intelligent customer profiles, aggregating historical purchase and browsing information, and combining online and in-store activities. Based on data and predictive intelligence AgilOne can also make predictions and serve data covering:

  • Product and Brand Preferences
  • Past Purchase and Browsing Behavior
  • Predicted Customer Value
  • VIP Status
  • Personalized Recommendations
Encourage Additional Purchase, Upsells or Cross-sells

Armed with this information call center reps will be able to intelligently suggest other items that the customer may like.

Automatically Merge Call Center Data

Data from call center transactions are automatically integrated into AgilOne and loaded into your customers’ profiles.

The AgilOne Advantage
AgilOne can arm call center personnel with a complete picture of their customers, not just past behavior, but also predictions about future interests and needs. Outbound call center agents can prioritize their time based on customer likelihood to buy predictions and agents can be more successful when armed with more accurate product recommendations.

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