Data Integration


True Omni-Channel Profiles Integrating Online
and Offline Customer Data
AgilOne collects customer data from all your relevant technology applications such as email, web, POS, ERP, CRM,
e-commerce platform, legacy order management system and any other systems, on continuous basis to build a unified view of the customer you can use across your marketing ecosystem.


Out-of-the-Box Integration

AgilOne comes with out-of-the-box connectors and pre-built integrations. AgilOne has its own webtag, which can be managed using your Demandware, Magento or tag management system – or directly by you. We also have many built-in email service provider connectors, and a direct link to Google Analytics.

Find New Revenue Opportunities

AgilOne offers both self-service and full-service data integration options. In the full-service option we will take care of all necessary extractions and transformations using a proven, enterprise-class integration framework.

Complete view of Customers, Products, and Channels

The information collected by AgilOne includes data on transactions, customers, products and categories – including demand orders, canceled orders, shippped orders, and returns information from online and offline channels.We are built to easily accommodate…in order to meet unique brand needs.

The AgilOne Advantage

The more complete the customer profiles are, the more relevant and profitable the customer experiences. AgilOne can bring together customer data from online and offline channels, and include more customer attributes in an automated manner than any other solution. AgilOne combines a standard data model with full-service data integration.

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