Data Quality

Complete and Accurate Profiles for Each
and Every Customer
AgilOne collects customer contacts and interactions across channels, cleanses and de-duplicates the data, and creates a single customer profile. Once configured, the AgilOne platform continuously collects and updates your data. Automatically standardizing, cleaning, de-duplicating and enhancing your customer data profiles.

Fuzzy Matching Technology

AgilOne is able to link and deduplicate customer data even if only a partial match exists for customer names, addresses or emails. If you are not able to link customer actions, you may mistake one of your high value customers for multiple, different, unprofitable customers and send them the wrong marketing message.

Continuous Updates

Once configured, AgilOne will automatically and continuously keep customer profiles updated with the latest information and make these profiles available to all marketing action systems in real-time. AgilOne is a fully automated solution that does not require ongoing professional services.

Customer Data Enhancement

AgilOne is able to augment your customer data by checking the U.S. National Change of Address (NCOA) database, by genderizing, householding and geotagging your customer data and by adding ZIP demographics to each customer record. It doesn’t pay to market lawn mowers to apartment dwellers for example.

The AgilOne Advantage
The more accurate the customer profiles, the more relevant and profitable the customer experiences. AgilOne is the only solution to offer automated, continuous data standardization, linking, cleansing, deduping, and enhancement that does not require ongoing professional services.

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