Use AgilOne to Send Automatic Email Campaigns that Are Engaging and Relevant for Each Customer
With AgilOne you can create, design and deliver hyper-targeted relevant email campaigns. Easily build email programs based on online and offline data within customer profiles utilizing drag and drop audiences, built-in campaigns, creative templates and automated analytics tagging capabilities.

Generate Highly Targeted Trigger Campaigns

Send relevant email campaigns aimed at boosting engagement, driving in-store and online traffic, bolstering brand loyalty, and increasing revenue. Use more than 75 data driven audience selection filters to create email audiences. Set audience rules for trigger campaigns based on customer activity in store, on your website, within your iOS apps, or based on customer attributes, purchase activity, email activity and predictive clusters. You can also get started with built-in AgilOne playbook campaign audience definitions for cart abandonment, post purchase follow up, browsing based retargeting, cluster-based targeting, repeat purchase reminders, loyalty appreciation, customer reactivation and many more.

Easily Design and Send Emails

Use AgilOne’s html/content editor with built in creative templates to quickly create appealing emails to send to your selected audiences or seamlessly send your selected audience and audience attributes to your ESP to complete creative design and send the final product.. When using AgilOne’s editor you can start with creative templates for personalized offers, cart abandonment, or post purchase follow up emails. Or you can easily create your own templates, simplifying the task of email design.

Personalized and Data Driven Content

AgilOne’s predictive analytics and data allows you to target customers based on which emails they have or have not opened in the past, personalize subject lines and email body based on who the recipient is (first name, last name, past purchases, etc.) and include intelligent recommendations based on your data.

Track Your Results

Automatically tag emails for campaign results reporting in Google Analytics (opens, click-throughs, top domains, last click attribution). AgilOne also comes with built-in email performance reports, which unlike most web analytics set-ups, report on both online and offline revenue per email across campaigns and the results of A/B tests. Use this data to optimize your next email campaign.

The AgilOne Advantage
AgilOne allows you to create email audiences using predictive insights, such as likelihood to buy, clusters, and product recommendations. You can design creative content by dragging and dropping elements directly into the body of your Hyper-targeted and personalized email marketing was never easier – and is now part of an integrated omni-channel customer journey.

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