In Store Personalization

Personalize Customer Experiences in the Store Leveraging Complete Omni-Channel Profiles
AgilOne allows marketers to truly engage customers across all channels — including the store. Customer profiles can be made accessible to in-store personnel to accurately recognize and provide “white glove” service to VIP including predictive recommendations. AgilOne also helps to drive online customers to the store, and to follow up online with customers who have been in the store.

Arm store associates with customer profiles

AgilOne provides 360-Degree Customer Profiles, which combine online and offline behavior, predicted likelihood to buy, customer value, customer journey, and product or brand preferences. Customer profiles can be accessed by store associates, using any device with a web browser. Through the use of the AgilOne OpenAPI, clienteling applications can also access the AgilOne customer profiles and customer predictions for outbound campaigns.

Drive online shoppers to your stores

You can leverage the power of AgilOne’s Data Quality Engine, and resulting verified mailing addresses and customer geo-tags, along with 75+ data driven audience selection filters to accurately define a segment of customers who live close to your store and target emails or direct mail based zip codes. Using direct mail, email, web or social campaigns you can now alert all your customers, online and offline, to new store openings, in-store events or in-store promotions. AgilOne users have experienced an increase of up to a nine times increase in same-day store sales by using this approach.

Follow up with brick and mortar shoppers online

We recommend you collect email addresses in-store via a newsletter signup, e-receipts or a loyalty program. Once you can tag in-store shoppers, you can send personalized recommendations or reminders digitally to buy additional items online.

The AgilOne Advantage
AgilOne provides you with advanced tools to promote omni-channel behavior, driving online shoppers to the store based on accurate address information and driving in-store shoppers back to your website for upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Unlike most multi-channel campaign management solutions, AgilOne can also make customer profiles, predictions and recommendations available to store personnel.

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