Direct Mail Personalization

Use AgilOne Direct Mail to Send Personalized Communications to Your Customers’ Homes
AgilOne provides self-service and full-service options for direct mail. For self-service clients, AgilOne provides intelligent, continuous customer level de-duplication data cleansing and accurate likelihood to buy models.

Accurate Customer Profiles

AgilOne’s Data Quality Engine allows for automated daily data cleansing and intelligent matching of your database. This includes:

  • Deduplication of customer profiles at individual and household levels which utilizes fuzzy matching when there is no exact match
  • CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) standardization of addresses
  • Validation against the U.S. Postal Services National Change of Address Database (NCOA) including updates for moves
  • Genderizing
  • Geotagging
  • Merging with outside lists (Optional Add-on Service)
Send Direct Mail To Intelligent Clusters

Just like for email, AgilOne enables you to segment your customers for direct mail campaigns using more than 75 data driven audience selection filters. You can select customers based on their offline/in-store purchase behavior, predicted likelihood to buy, product or brand affinity clusters and much more. After you have set up your direct mail audience you can easily export your list to your selected mail fulfillment provider.

The AgilOne Advantage
Direct Mail powered by AgilOne has delivered up to 80% ROI through more intelligent, continuous deduplication and cleansing of names and addresses and more accurate targeting based on predicted likelihood to buy and cluster segmentation. Direct Mail is an important aspect of a complete omni-channel customer journey orchestrated by AgilOne.
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