Predictive Models

Use AgilOne’s Predictive Models to Deliver the
Most Relevant Marketing
AgilOne comes with built-in predictive models that make sophisticated predictive targeting easy for any marketer. Model outputs are quickly configured at implementation and can be easily used for advanced segmentation or pushed to multiple channels without the need for an in-house data scientist or months long professional services engagements.

More Predictive Models

All editions of the AgilOne come out of the box with likelihood to buy for first purchase, likelihood to buy for repeat purchase, email engagement segments, brand-, product- and behavior-based clusters and product recommendations.

Out-of-the-Box, Self-Learning Models

AgilOne’s predictive models come out of the box and do not require additional professional services to be configured. Models are self-learning and results are automatically updated daily so a data scientist is not required for ongoing tweaking and tuning. Best of all, models can be used throughout analytics reports or for building campaigns segmentation all through the AgilOne interface.

Most Valuable Relationships

As a result of AgilOne’s predictive models, retailers can develop more valuable customer relationships. If you can engage customers at the right moments in the lifecycle with the right offer – not too small and not too large – customers get a better experience and retailers increase their profitability.

The AgilOne Advantage
The easier and more accurate the predictions, the more relevant and profitable the customer relationships. AgilOne is the only customer data and engagement hub with a large library of out of the box, self-learning predictive algorithms which can be used by any marketer – with no help from data scientists or additional professional services.

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