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Our Mission Is To Bring Revolutionary
Predictive Marketing To Everyday Marketers.

We want to restore the personal relationships companies had with
customers in the days of the corner butcher store.

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Along the way, we hope to eliminate junk marketing and the irrelevant emails which clutter 85% of our inbox. We know marketers want to move from mass marketing to individual marketing, but most don’t know how.


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With predictive data science one-on-one marketing is possible, but data science can also be very hard and very expensive. No marketer wants to write SQL statements or invent predictive algorithms. Fortune 50 companies have spent years and millions of dollars, hiring big data science teams to pursue one-on-one marketing.

Think of AgilOne as your “data scientist” in the cloud. You can’t read the news without seeing an article about the explosion of big data. We’re actually helping you get value out of it – right away. We bring all customer data together, across all channels. Our technology then makes that data clean and applies self-learning, predictive algorithms and triggers the right hyper-personalized message or right-sized offer at the right time. Leave the data science to AgilOne, so you can focus on making marketing relevant again.

When you sign up for AgilOne, you don’t just sign up to awesome technology, you also will be supported by the best in the business. We are a team of retail marketing leaders and data scientists. We love customers and numbers. We started the company because we realized that existing analytics solutions for marketers are stuck in the dark ages. Today, it is possible to do so much more. That’s what drives us.