Predictive Website Marketing

Use AgilOne to Display Relevant Recommendations that Maximize Profitability
AgilOne enables retailers to deliver personalized customer experiences for visitors on your website. Engage these visitors with hyper-targeted product recommendations that anticipate your customer’s needs and provide contextual, relevant experiences that maximize revenue.

Accurate Customer Recommendations

AgilOne links purchase data collected from all channels – online and offline – to make more accurate product recommendations than those based solely on browsing behavior. Add “items frequently bought together” type recommendations to each product page to encourage customers to shop for additional products that truly apply to their needs and result in increased order value.

Easy Implementation and Intelligent Recommendations

Placing AgilOne’s predictive recommendations onto your website only takes a few clicks and the insertion of a single line of code. You can place an AgilOne recommendation container on any product detail page and AgilOne will push recommendations tailored to the current product being viewed. Not only is implementation easy, but creating detailed performance reports is just as simple.

Customize the Look and Recommendation Content

AgilOne Web makes it extremely easy to modify AgilOne’s personalization containers resulting in a branded look and feel that matches that of your company. With merchandising rules, you can customize what types of content is displayed in each of your containers. For example, you can set rules to exclude certain products that are out of stock, or certain product categories and numbers. Edits to your recommendation containers are updated in real-time.

The AgilOne Advantage
AgilOne Web makes it simple to implement and configure website personalization. No more long meetings with IT and waiting for significant resources to free up to support your marketing requests. AgilOne’s recommendations are more accurate because they are based on a complete omni-channel profile of your customers. Recommendations are a key part of an integrated omni-channel customer journey orchestrated by AgilOne.

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