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Why Customer Data Platforms, Why Now:

The Transformation of Direct-to-Consumer Relationships


Live Webinar - Wed, April 18th 10am PST / 1pm EST:


In this webinar, David Raab will share insights from trending research on enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP) requirements and discuss with Dr. Omer Artun how B2C marketers can best leverage CDP solutions to engage and delight customers. You will learn: 

  • Why marketers are moving away from third party data in favor of harnessing the power of first party data

  • Predictions on what this shift will mean for the future of marketing

  • How analytics in a first party-focused Customer Data Platform can can boost marketing KPIs, and five stages of the analytics lifecycle to consider

David Raab Omer Artun
David Raab Omer Artun
Founder of the CDP Institute Founder & CEO of AgilOne

About CDPs: They are gaining massive traction in the market, and for good reason! CDPs enable marketers to fully leverage omni-channel customer data for marketing, with the agility and data openness that can only come with a SaaS platform-based approach.  The CDP promise is tantalizing, but it's important to understand what qualities will meet the unique demands of your enterprise business. 

Who should attend: Enterprise B2C executives, marketers, and omni-channel retailers who want to learn from industry experts how to select the right customer data platform for their business.

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