Uncover True Marketing ROI with Cohort Analysis Built into a CDP

Flexible, self-service access to cohort insights for marketers


Easily Slice and Dice Cohorts 

Gain self-service insights about cohorts and campaign audiences using any measure or dimension in AgilOne Metrics. Drill into specific cohorts in an ad-hoc manner to discover key insights and behaviors. For example, you can discover the top products bought by your recently reactivated customers to better retarget your lapsed customers.

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AgilOne Cohorts


Freeze Cohorts and Analyze Periodic Snapshots

Use AgilOne Actions, Metrics, and Interactive Queries to identify changes, trends, and opportunities within your customer base over time. Track migration of cohorts and how customers shift from one cohort to another. For example, you can learn whether audiences for a certain campaign are growing vs. shrinking, whether certain groups are buying more vs. less, or getting older vs. younger.


Understand the Business Impact of Marketing Campaigns

Perform dynamic analysis to understand revenue attributed to cohorts, targeted in campaigns, with configurable attribution windows. For example, you can report on key KPIs such as revenue, buyer count, and conversion rates, across multiple campaigns or cohorts, and analyze them across online and offline transactions.


Advanced Segment Building 

For advanced, granular segmentation, AgilOne Actions is enhanced with Segment Builder. Segment Builder lets you create hyper-targeted segments and variants, including A/B tests within and across segments. You can analyze your cohorts at segment and variant level.

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