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How to Leverage a Customer Data Platform
to Optimize 
Acquisition & Ad Spend 

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Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are well known for improving the relevance and responsiveness of outbound marketing programs such as email, SMS, and direct mail. But CDPs can also have a huge impact on digital advertising campaigns and improving return on ad spend while delivering relevant ads to customer and prospects. 
In this webinar, Kylie McCarthy discusses how Clarks is using AgilOne's CDP to enhance dynamic advertising through Criteo, while Tim Rogers shares what use cases are making the biggest impact for brands using Criteo and a CDP together. You will learn how using a CDP with dynamic digital advertising can enable marketers to:
    • Understand the influence of display campaigns on offline purchases
    • Attribute post-purchase online activity from store purchases 
    • Intelligently retarget to online shoppers
    • Measure the true cost of a sale

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