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September 22, 2016

AgilOne Launches New Customer Data and Engagement Hub to Boost Customer Lifetime Value for Enterprise Consumer Brands

lululemon and Clarks shoes transform omni-channel customer marketing and personalization with AgilOne

Sunnyvale, Calif., September 22, 2016 – AgilOne is announcing today a new release of its Customer Data and Engagement Hub. With this release, AgilOne provides enterprise consumer marketers the power to integrate customer data across digital, physical, and mobile channels, deliver customer analytics with predictive insights and 360-degree profiles, and engage customers at every touch point in order to maximize lifetime value.

AgilOne now provides unparalleled enterprise-level configurability to meet business needs with increased support for complex data models and more out-of-the-box data sources including events and demographics. AgilOne’s real-time data ingestion, API, and data export all come with enterprise-grade scalability and performance.

Marketers are continuing to struggle with today’s siloed approach to collecting and leveraging customer data for authentic, personalized experiences across channels. Historically, enterprise marketers are unable to tap into their sheer volume and richness of omni-channel data while at the same time easily meet custom requirements that are exclusive to their own brand.

AgilOne frees brands from these limitations and enhances the value offered by marketing clouds such as Oracle, IBM, and Salesforce, where holistic customer data is a key driver of analytics and deep personalization. Data collected from transactions, engagements, and profiles made richer by first party and third party sources like Datalogix can now be easily activated for personalization. AgilOne’s hub accommodates all customer data from within these ecosystems, unified from physical and digital channels. AgilOne’s new hub also provides advanced customer analytics and engagement automation leveraged from all sources, including DMPs such as BlueKai, email systems such as Silverpop, and clienteling and call center solutions.

lululemon invests in relationships that span digital and physical channels

lululemon is a yoga-inspired athletic apparel company that puts relationships with their ‘guests’ (customers) at the center of everything they do. AgilOne is a core part of lululemon’s strategic initiative intended to increase guest lifetime value across all digital channels, stores, events, and the broader community.”AgilOne lets us understand guests on an individual level, and allows us to reciprocate their engagement holistically and naturally, at any interaction point,” said Vice President of Digital Marketing, CRM & Analytics Abhishek Dalmia,.

By unifying guest data that spans the many ways guests interact with lululemon and the broader community in person and digitally, lululemon is strengthening all its relationships. “With AgilOne, we are leaping ahead of the one-size-fits-all personalization approach and we are focusing on the unique and highly-specific criteria on a customized basis for each of our guests,” Dalmia said.

Clarks puts the right foot forward for customer engagement

Clarks shoes is using AgilOne to unify data and better engage with customers across channels., Clarks Director of Performance Marketing, eCommerce Kylie Beals said, “We are feet experts. AgilOne enables us to also be experts on our consumers and to provide them with great experiences. With AgilOne, Clarks is able to understand different consumer segments and how they engage and buy their shoes; AgilOne helps us put the right shoe in front of the right consumer at the right time across email, web, direct mail, social, in-store, SMS and more. We will use AgilOne to help us better understand what discounts and promotions are driving engagement and sales in order to optimize margin and marketing spend—we’re excited about this benefit in today’s promotion-driven retail climate.”

AgilOne’s new release meets the configurability, performance, and real-time requirements of the enterprise

AgilOne’s new product release will benefit any enterprise B2C brand that cares about increasing revenue through more genuine and effective omni-channel customer relationships. AgilOne CEO and Founder Omer Artun said, “AgilOne is re-defining personalization and giving enterprise B2C marketers the power to build authentic, long-term customer relationships. We are helping marketers take advantage of the rich customer data that is already available to them by making it more accessible, actionable, and intelligent in real-time, at any scale. Deep personalization requires tapping into the rich customer data that’s available; approaches other than AgilOne cannot deliver this with the performance required by the enterprise. Our new release brings together the power of customer data in a highly configurable, highly performant manner with real-time data ingestion support.”

About AgilOne:

AgilOne restores the personal relationships companies once had with customers before channel-specific marketing silos got in the way. AgilOne integrates customer data from all digital and physical channels, analyzes and predicts customer behavior, and lets marketers engage with customers at every touch point with consistent and deep personalization. With AgilOne, enterprises can maximize customer lifetime value by enabling marketers to fully know their customers and respond to them in an authentic way. The AgilOne Customer Data and Engagement Hub supports more than 150 brands worldwide. For more information about AgilOne, please visit

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