Set Your Customer Data Free with
AgilOne Interactive Queries

Give direct query access and data sharing of AgilOne’s CDP data to analytics, data science, and IT teams.


Unparalleled Access to Customer Data

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AgilOne is the only customer data platform that gives data scientists full SQL access to CDP data through an easy-to-use, browser-based query editor. Because AgilOne Interactive Queries (IQ) uses the same data source as AgilOne Metrics, you can easily toggle between both applications. All data is automatically refreshed through an AgilOne-managed ETL process.


Direct Queries on Atomic-Level Transactions and Events

Gain full SQL access to AgilOne’s rich customer intelligence. With zero set-up and maintenance, AgilOne-managed ETL, and a daily data refresh, your teams gain unlimited access to AgilOne data via a browser-based query editor. Leveraging the same data source as AgilOne Metrics, data scientists can move between AgilOne applications for lightning-fast insights and easy copying/pasting of SQL across applications.

Connect External BI and Analytics Platforms through 
Snowflake Data Sharing

 AgilOne uses Snowflake for ultra-fast query performance and enables data sharing from AgilOne’s snowflake account into yours. With secure data sharing, data is immediately available for use in your Snowflake account, with no transformation, data movement, loading, or reconstruction required.

Connect external systems to the same database that AgilOne Lightning IQ reads from without needing to manage any additional ETL. Gain deep insights into customers by querying AgilOne’s processed data and data from external tools
(e.g., Tableau, Power BI) at the same time.

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Build Custom Machine Learning Models

Through data sharing, build your own custom machine learning models on top of AgilOne’s cleansed, deduped, processed data. The results of these custom models can also be fed back into AgilOne for use in campaigns, reports, dashboards, and 360 profiles.

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