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March 30, 2017

Pairing Location Information with Customer Data Fuels Digital Transformation

Tumi and francesca’s Deliver New Levels of Customer Engagement

March 30, 2017, Sunnyvale, California – AgilOne, the leading customer data platform for enterprise B2C brands, is announcing the ability to integrate location data into a single customer profile to help clients, including Tumi and francesca’s, improve customer engagement by delivering timely and relevant offers.

Recently announced, the AgilOne Customer Data and Engagement Hub allows enterprise B2C marketers to combine online and offline customer data from transaction and engagement systems, and third party data sources. AgilOne’s Customer Data and Engagement Hub delivers a 360-degree view of customers helping brands gain holistic insights, and orchestrate personalization across customer interaction, marketing, and advertising systems.

As omni-channel marketers advance along the path to digital transformation, incorporating data from consumers’ physical experiences into a single customer view is becoming an increasingly important. For example, the improved accuracy and availability of location information from mobile devices of shoppers in stores has become a rich opportunity for marketers. Marketers can now stitch together important real-time physical data with omni-channel customer profiles, and deliver relevant messaging to in-store shoppers at the right moment and through the right medium. Even though location data is meaningful for only a short period of time, retailers can use it to reach a new level of customer engagement at the moment of impact.
Tumi, a premium luggage and travel bags retailer, is using AgilOne to holistically view each customer. In Q1 2017, direct e-commerce sales are also up 30 percent compared with this same time a year ago.

“With AgilOne, we are able to reduce how often we message to our customers, and apply discounting more strategically. Tailoring our marketing to the individual level has directly led to more sales,” said Tumi Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Charlie Cole. “AgilOne’s single customer view across online and offline channels gives us holistic indicators of intention to buy, as well as customers’ desired medium for transactions. We are beginning to experiment with using AgilOne’s data and predictive technologies to drive an in-store clienteling experience.”

francesca’s is a leading women’s specialty retailer headquartered in Houston, TX. Through a growing fleet of over 670 intimate and inviting boutiques across the United States, francesca’s offers clothing, jewelry, accessories, footwear, and unique gifts with new arrivals almost daily. francesca’s recently retained AgilOne to manage its customer data. With a rapidly growing online business at, francesca’s expects to eliminate silos and unify data from all channels using the AgilOne solution.

“At francesca’s, we’ve invested in many tools, but we lacked the system to bring everything together and make our insights actionable,” said Erik Lautier, francesca’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We believe that AgilOne’s offerings are well-aligned with our marketing and guest-centric culture. We look forward to better understanding visit frequency, promotional sensitivity, preferred channel, and product and category affinities. Ultimately, this will enable us to deliver targeted marketing programs which our guest may find relevant and engaging, and help drive stronger boutique traffic, ecommerce growth, and customer satisfaction.”

According to AgilOne CEO Omer Artun, “It really wasn’t that long ago when information was tucked away in silos and retailers had a limited view of their customer’s information. Advances in technology are finally delivering on the promise of providing a complete customer view — matching data sets together including location to help retailers deliver relevant and timely offers reaching new levels of engagement.”

About AgilOne:
AgilOne is a customer data platform for enterprise B2C companies. AgilOne’s vision is to restore the personal relationships companies once had with customers before channel-specific marketing silos got in the way. Through a single view of customers across all channels, predictive models to understand customer behavior, and real-time APIs to orchestrate personalized experiences across all touch points, AgilOne creates authentic omni-channel customer relationships that maximize lifetime value. The AgilOne Customer Data and Engagement Hub supports more than 150 brands worldwide. For more information about AgilOne, please visit

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