Using a Customer Data Platform to Enable Personalization at Scale

Jason Heller, Partner, Global Lead, Digital marketing Operations & Technology; McKinsey

Video recording from the October 2018 NYC CDP Summit

"When you think about the marketing technology stack - from a CDP, DMP, all the AdTech and MarTech you need to deliver experiences - in my humble opinion, I look at the CDP as the absolute most important investment a company can make."

Personalization is a fundamental customer data platform use case. But in today's omni-channel environment, it can be difficult to scale personalization strategies across all customer-facing channels. The proliferation of customer data also presents challenges -- and opportunities. 

This video recording from Jason Heller's keynote presentation at the 2018 NYC CDP Summit explores:  

  • The true value of delivering personalization at scale 
  • The internal organizational framework needed to scale personalization efforts
  • Why a customer data platform is the key to delivering personalization at scale

Watch the Recording