Machine Learning and AI in Customer Data Platforms:
Hardcover Book on Predictive Marketing

AgilOne's founder and CEO, Omer Artun, wrote the book on how marketers can use machine learning and AI to orchestrate 1:1 experiences in a multi-channel world, at scale. His book, Predictive Marketing: Easy Ways Every Marketer Can Use Customer Analytics and Big Data, is a machine learning primer for marketers who want to harness omni-channel customer data to drive relevant engagement across advertising, marketing, and customer experience channels, while delivering deep insights to marketing, BI, and other teams across the organization.

Much more than just theory and testament to the power of 1:1 marketing, this book focuses on action, helping you understand and begin using machine learning to power every facet of customer engagement. This book provides actionable guidance that helps you:

  • Implement machine learning in large organizations
  • Deliver 1:1 personalized marketing experiences
  • Automate predictive analytics with machine learning technology
  • Base marketing decisions on concrete data rather than unproven ideas
Omer Artun, PhD Dominique Levin

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