Unlock the potential of omni-channel data with the #1 enterprise customer data platform.

Deliver consistent and personalized experiences across every interaction point through an agile, flexible, and scalable platform that meets enterprise needs.


Enterprise Platform

Power multi-channel marketing with a true big data platform that has infinite dimensions and high performance. Easily configure unique business rules, data elements, metadata, and scripting directly into the platform so they are available across the whole system for action and analysis.
Built to support the full scope of enterprise needs, AgilOne enables compliance with GDPR and other privacy initiatives. 
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Single Customer View

Unify your data into one system of record to fuel all customer and prospect interactions. Pre-built connectors and APIs easily combine first party customer, transaction, and engagement data from every location and channel so you can gain insights and deliver consistent, orchestrated experiences.

Identity Graph

Dedupe and stitch online cookie and profile data with offline customer data into a single, persistent ID. With exact and fuzzy matching, link all customer activities to a single customer profile even if there is only a partial name, address, or email match.


Data Cleansing & Enrichment

Cleanse and standardize data across all sources such as postal address, name, and phone number. Enrich customer data with first and third party attributes such as income and demographic, social profile data, genderization, and geo-coding.


360 Profile

Unify all events, available campaigns, and transactions associated with each customer. Profiles are elastically searchable and available in the UI and as an API to be leveraged across the enterprise, including in service centers, computer telephony, and clienteling apps.

Analytics and Machine Learning

Calculations and machine learning bring the single customer profile to life, enabling deep insights for analysis and for intelligent segmentation and action. Easily access and explore customer data with interactive queries, cube reporting, template reports, and dashboards.


Gain quick time to value with out of the box calculations such as lifetime value, acquisition metrics, and retention by value segment. AgilOne’s metadata configurable engine can calculate metrics from any transaction or event data, letting you easily gain insights unique to your business.


Machine Learning

Intelligently segment customers with supervised machine learning models that predict customer events such as purchase, subscription, and engagement, plus unsupervised models that group customers together based on interest and behavior. AgilOne’s next-best action models optimize offers and messages to customers on a 1:1 basis.


Available for Easy Access

Give both marketers and data scientists direct access to your data. Marketers can leverage dashboards, cube reports, and template reports. Data scientists can leverage AgilOne Lightning IQ to directly query data with speed and agility. Data scientists can also build their own models and feed them back to AgilOne for data activation and further analysis.

Customer Data Activation and Orchestration

Orchestrate consistent messaging and offers across all customer touchpoints, including outbound communication, with customer profiles and insights made available to interaction systems in real-time.

Outbound Marketing Systems

Enhance systems such as email, SMS, push notifications, and direct mail with the ability to segment based on analytics and machine learning models, thereby enabling 1:1 messaging. Available via API to integrate with any customer-facing system, AgilOne brings segments together and enables hyper-targeted personalization.

Addressable Media Systems

Intelligently target and suppress audiences beyond simple demographics across display, search, and video advertising with AgilOne’s data, machine learning, and analytics. Create better lookalike audiences you can leverage across the entire orchestration scheme based on actual customer data.

Customer Service (CRM) and Customer Experience Systems

Deliver the right service and experience based on who the customer is (e.g., the value of a customer). AgilOne makes customer data available to CRM and support systems in real-time, surfacing 360 profile data such as analytics, identity graph, real-time events and transactions, active offers, and messages.