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Transforming CRM, Segmentation, and Direct Mail Strategies with a Customer Data Platform

Video Recording: Panel Discussion from 2018 NYC CDP Summit 

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David Elliot, CRM Manager, 

Hayley Clifford, Senior Director Marketing & Loyalty Manager, Wickes

Julie Daly, VP Digital Commerce, Ashley Stewart

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Polly Wong, Managing Partner, Strategic/ E-Commerce/ Creative Services, Belardi Wong

Customer segmentation is the heartbeat of modern marketing and personalization. But how can marketers go beyond traditional CRM use cases now that CDPs are the technology du jour? In this panel discussion, David Elliot and Hayley Clifford from Wickes, Julie Daly from Ashley Stewart, and Polly Wong from Belardi Wong explore:

  • Methods and best practices for how to segment customers for CRM and direct mail use cases,
  • How to leverage customer insights to build meaningful personas
  • How CDPs can enhance direct mail campaigns
  • The best way to approach omni-channel customer engagement?

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