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Turbo Charge Your Marketing with a Customer Data Platform

Seven Strategies for Lasting Success

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Omer Artun, CEO,

Abhishek Dalmia, Boston Consulting Group

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) increase customer lifetime value and revenue through four primary types of use cases: outbound marketing, digital advertising, customer experience, and analytics. As brands embark on a CDP initiative and prioritize CDP use cases, common questions arise.

In this webinar we address top questions and challenges facing marketers working to maximize the profitability of owned first party data while using data to drive better customer experiences. We discuss seven key strategies marketers can begin using immediately to meet both short term and long term goals, such as: 

  • The importance of aligning your internal team for a customer-centric marketing strategies
  • Early planning of use cases to prove ROI quickly after platform adoption
  • How to map out customer interactions to determine which channels to focus on for use cases 

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