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Turbo Charge Your Marketing with a Customer Data Platform

Seven Strategies for Lasting Success

Live Webinar - Tuesday September 25th - 1pm EST / 10am PST

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Omer Artun, CEO,

Abhishek Dalmia, Boston Consulting Group

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) increase customer lifetime value and revenue through four primary types of use cases: outbound marketing, digital advertising, customer experience, and analytics. As brands embark on a CDP initiative and prioritize CDP use cases, common questions arise.

This webinar will address the top questions and challenges facing marketers working to maximize the profitability of owned first party data while using data to drive better customer experiences. We will discuss seven key strategies marketers can begin using immediately to meet both short term and long term goals. During the webinar, we will discuss:

  • Why data resolution is the lynchpin of a customer data strategy 
  • Where the handshake between first party and third party data should occur, and what data architecture to consider 
  • How first party and third party data can be used together for onboarding, retargeting, co-op, and DMP enrichment
  • When and where to segment; when and where to orchestrate 
  • What marketers need to do to stay compliant with legal regulations such as HIPAA and FCRA, content-based restrictions such as GDPR, and restrictions based on terms of service or privacy policies 
  • How  do marketers know what uses are permitted for a given piece of data (legal restrictions such as HIPAA & FCRA, consent-based restrictions such as GDPR, restrictions based on Terms of Service / Privacy Policies, etc.


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