Five Practical Tips for Customer Data Platform Use Cases

Webinar Recording

With 80+ vendors claiming to provide CDP-like functionality, it's important for marketers to know what use cases a CDP can deliver that will have the biggest impact on revenue for them, before getting lost in the weeds of every vendor's features and functions. In this webinar, AgilOne customer success experts will walk you through practical tips you can use for prioritizing your use cases to ensure you end up with a CDP that is the right fit for your marketing strategy and revenue drivers. 
In this webinar, we discuss:
    • The market forces propelling CDP adoption
    • Recommendations for how to approach use cases for your customer data 
    • Specific examples of CDP use cases that are helping brands differentiate themselves and delight customers
    • Strategies for how to craft and prioritize CDP use cases for your business
    • How to tactically build a use cases roadmap


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